Museu da Escultura Contemporânea Latino-Americana (MESCLA)


MESCLA, Museu da Escultura Contemporânea Latino-Americana, refines itself to become a poetic and sustainable location in the city of Itu and its countryside adjacent urban center, which is also formed by the towns of Mairinque and Sorocaba. Located in São Paulo’s hinterlands, MESCLA will be a place for sculptural contemplation and interaction with the landscape. The project, still in development, will feature a collection with artworks that are non-aggressive and mingled with the environment, ephemeral in nature.

Seeking to uplift and emphasize Brazilian art, MESCLA embraces the landscape art concept (Earth, Environmental, Land and Urban Arts). The artworks become susceptible no nature’s adversities, accepting the transience as condition for its own conservation and pulling itself away from an everlasting state. Born from the connection between man and nature, the artwork’s message in MESCLA’s embedded scenery predicts large scale interventions that strengthens the sculpture itself.