Talks schedule on 15th SP-Arte

Talks schedule on 15th SP-Arte
2 de April de 2019 Rafael Kamada

Talks is part of the SP-Arte programme and is sponsored by Fundação Marcos Amaro and supported by Sesi-Senai. Following the 15th SP-Arte’s schedule, the free meetings will take place at São Paulo’s Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM-SP), close to the biennial’s pavilion. Talks are discussion cycles with experts, like curators, institution’s directors, among other important characters that debate the main contemporary art themes.


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April, 05th


4pm to 5pm | Private initiative in the culture sector

Expert guests will discuss possible paths for an exchange between private and public sectors. Will be attending the debate: Marcos Amaro, artist and president of Fundação Marcos Amaro; Silvio Frota, collector and founder of Museu de Fotografia de Fortaleza; Ricardo Pessoa de Queiroz, founder of Usina de Arte in Pernambuco.

5pm to 6pm | The patronage’s role in the museum’s collection

Cleusa Garfinkel and Ana Eliza Setúbal speak about collecting and how museum collections can benefit from patrons’ artwork donations. The discussion will be guided by Gisele Kato.

April, 06th


4pm to 5pm | Identity politics in Latin America

Paulo Miyada is the curator of Instituto Tomie Ohtake and assistant curator of 2020 São Paulo Biennial. He goes deeper into historical topics of the Latin America Arts, approaching them with an alternative bias. The discussion will be guided by Alexia Tala, Chilean curator of Solo, that, in this edition, is focused on Latin America.

April, 06th


5:30pm to 6:30pm | Contemporary Arts Institutions

Benjamim Seroussi from Casa do Povo and Fernanda Brenner from Pivô will comment their experiences heading art institutions of innovative concept. As a complement, the artist Graziela Kunsch speaks about artistic production that dwells between the informal and the institutional environments.

April, 07th


11am to 12pm | Forlorn Brazil and the citizenship under construction

Josué Mattos is the winner of the Marcantonio Vilaça prize on the curatorship category and will chat with Clarissa Diniz, curator that accompanied him during his research project for the exhibition “Verzuimd Braziel – Brasil desamparado” (2018).

3pm to 4pm | Where are we going? Novelties in arts market

The last few years have been transforming the arts market, and because of that growth, new practices and new knowledge have emerged. Carol Pino and Fernanda Feitosa will discuss the possible transformations of the arts market, specifically in Latin America. Pino is Artsy’s agent on Latin American arts market and Feitosa is the director of SP-Arte. Ana Letícia Fialho will mediate the debate.

April, 07th


4:30pm to 5:30pm | New curatorial narratives in Brazil

The anthropologists Hélio Menezes, Lilia Schwarcz and Diane Lima will comment the inclusion of artists that previously have been excluded of the Arts History’s sanctified narrative. Menezes and Schwarcz are from the curatorial team of the exhibit “Histórias afro-atlânticas”, displayed at Masp. Diane Lima curated Valongo Festival Internacional de Imagem (2018).