March 2019 Program

March 2019 Program
12 de March de 2019 Rafael Kamada

March, 16th


10am | Let’s chat?

Marcos Amaro Art Factory (FAMA) introduces the project “Let’s chat?” with the artists Katia Salvany and Márcia Porto. Kátia will perform “0mm” and Márcia will display her artistic production.

In the performance “0mm”, Katia pulls, pushes and moves pieces of furniture, conjuring a minimal private space to manage the urgency of loss. The performance is part of Fundação Marcos Amaro’s  collection (FMA). Duration: 35 minutes.

Following up, the artist and educator Márcia Porto displays her artistic production that is pictorial by nature. Having obtained a master’s degree in Visual Poetics from Unicamp, the artist explores the relation between alchemy, personal stories and current events, through self-fiction narrative creation, that unfold into drawings. Between the word and the image’s creation, she ritualistically performs each scene. From the performances, the gestures make up the drawings, and are finally reworked into paintings, murals, artistic installments, performances and photographs.

Finally, FAMA promotes a conversation group with the local artistic community. The meeting’s goal is to share experiences and creative projects that are taking place in the countryside.

2pm | Faminha

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (FAMA) promotes a new Faminha edition, a storytelling project specially designed for children. The workshop will be headed by Élida Marques, creator of the “Esse tear tem histórias”, a project to share stories by reading accompanied by the musician Marlos Mateus. Faminha is free of admission.


Élida’s father was a weaver, who taught her his work. Her father, Simplício Marques Rodrigues, was a self-taught weaver that built his own weaving machine. In the repertoire, the stories use the weaving machine as social and educational element, and they use the weaver as characters that refer to resilience, cunning, patience and wisdom. The tale “The Emperor New Clothes”, by Hans Christian Andersen, the Turkish tale “Fatima, the Spinner and the Tent”, the greek tale “Arachne, the Spinner” and Marina Colassanti’s story “A moça tecelã”, are part of this repertory.

2:30 pm | Engraving workshop

Once again, FAMA promotes the engraving workshop, headed by Natália Bastos and Vicente Alves, starting 2:30pm. The workshop will introduce the techniques, materials, and tools used to create engravings. The attendants will experience all these stages of production, preparing the mold, designing the drawing, engraving, inking and printing. The workshop is open to the public and will be adapted for children and adults with no previous experience. Photo credit: Mônica Ogaya.


March, 20th


7pm | Leia Mulheres project and night visitation

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro promotes, on this Wednesday, March 20th, at 7pm, a conversation group about the Clube Leia Mulheres in Itu. The initiative seeks to discuss about the importance of women occupying book shops spaces and have their books bought by the community. Following up, it will be decided which book will be the first one to be read and also who are going to be the members of the group.

Also, in the same occasion, the public will be invited for a guided tour into FAMA’s Rooms nº 3 and nº4. An excellent opportunity to contemplate “Se Vende” (2008) by Carmela Gross, during the nocturnal activity, since the artwork is even more imposing at night.


The project started in 2014, from an initiative by the writer Joanna Walsh, that basically consists of reading more books written by women. Joanna proposed the project #readwomen2014 (#leiamulheres2014), since the editorial market is still very restrictive and women don’t have much visibility. That’s the project’s importance.

Juliana Gomes in 2015 invited the friends Juliana Leuenroth and Michelle Henriques to transform Joanna Walsh’s idea into an actual presence in book stores and cultural venues. An invitation to read books written by women, from the classic period to today authors.

The project Leia Mulheres is partner of publishing companies, book stores and institutions, but there’s no middle man in the process. All and every contacts are made directly by the project’s manageress and by the local’s representatives.

March, 30th


1:30pm | Mostra de curtas – Cinema e Gênero

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro promotes Mostra de Curtas: Cinema e Gênero, in partnership with Itu’s movie club and CEUNSP’s Cinema and Audiovisual course,  curated by Lilian Solá Santiago. The goal is to form an audience and also to foment productions from women movie makers that are based in São Paulo’s countryside. In this edition, the movies discuss women’s struggles and empowerment through cinema.

After the exhibit, the audience will be invited to attend a conversation group with the movie makers. Headed by Fernanda Coubo, CEUNSP’s Cinema and Audiovisual course coordinator, the goal is to share experiences that showcase the different possibilities of feminine expression on audiovisual means.


4pm | Script writing workshop

FAMA promotes its 3rd screen writing workshop to teach practices and techniques to write movie scripts, focusing on female characters and plots. The workshop will be conducted by Stefanie Klein. The attendants will be guided into creating plot lines using the introduced concepts, that are fundamental to develop a short movie script. Minimum age required: 15 years old.

Admission: free.