February 2019 Program

February 2019 Program
24 de January de 2019 Rafael Kamada

February, 16th


February, 17th


10am | Arts in Debate

Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro (FAMA) and Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Sorocaba (MACS) promote talks with the local artistic community. The idea is to share experiences and foster projects that bloom in São Paulo’s countryside and institutes.

FAMA’s Chief Executive, Raquel Fayad and MACS’ President, Cristina Delanhesi, and the visual artists Laura Mattos and Pedro Lopes will welcome artists, curators and general public, at 10am, with free admission. Sign up!


3pm | FAMA’s Talk Group: Gathering with Marcia Pastore and Pola Fernandez

Come and meet the artists Marcia Pastore and Pola Fernandez at the 1st FAMA’s Talk Group. The meeting’s purpose is to share experiences with the local artistic community and general public. Marcia Pastore explores, in different ways, the similarities between space and sculpture and will talk about her artworks exposed at FAMA’s and the important collections which her artwork is part of. Also, she will chat about the land art project she is developing for MESCLA, which will be launched on the second semester of 2019.

Pola Fernandez, Chilean artist that lives and works in Itu, won the 2018/2019 FAMA’s Occupation Statute. Pola handles the ancestry through stories, photographing and stitching the images as a manner to rebuild what was lost and shattered. The artist will talk about what she’s been developing for her exhibition at FAMA’s, scheduled for September 7th, 2019.

Marcia Pastore

Marcia Pastore examines the connection between space and sculpture in different ways. She have exhibited twice at Rio’s Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (1993-2010) and at Centro Cultural Maria Antônia (2002-2010); once at Museu de Saúde Pública Emílio Ribas (2010), São Paulo’s Centro Cultural (2000), USP’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea (1990), Fortaleza’s Caixa Cultural (2012), São Paulo’s Funarte (2012), Biblioteca Mario de Andrade (2015) and MuBE (2017). She was part of important collective exhibits at USP’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea (1992), São Paulo’s Museu de Arte Moderna (1990) and Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte, 1990). In 1998 and 2000, she took part in Madrid’s ARCO Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporâneo, and in 2004 in Oslo’s Vestfossen Kunst Laboratorium opening.

Her artwork is in major collections throughout the country, in São Paulo’s Estate and City Pinacotecas, USP’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea, São Paulo’s Museu de Arte Moderna and at Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz, located in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo’s countryside.

Pola Fernandez

Pedagogue and photographer, specialist in Visual Arts and Education, her interests lie in African culture and Brazilian black women’s legacy. She examines historical photographic portraits of slaves and black people in Brazil in the 19th century. She’s also committed to visual experimentation, producing hybrid photographs that are printed in several mediums, which receive contour and shape, through embroidery’s techniques. Currently part of Photograph Studies Group of Ateliê Casa, in Campinas, São Paulo’s countryside.

10am | Storytelling: FAMA welcomes the project “Esse tear tem história”

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro admits another edition of the project “Esse tear tem histórias”, created by Élida Marques, that practices story sharing through shared reading, music and manual weaving. The session is suitable for 8 year olds and older (parental supervision required).

The project

Élida’s father was a weaver, who taught her his work. Her father, Simplício Marques Rodrigues, was an autodidact weaver that built his own weaving machine. In her repertoire, the stories use the weaving machine as a social and educational element and the weavers as characters that refer to resilience, cunning, patience and wisdom. The tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, from Hans Christian Andersen, the Turkish tale “Fatima, the Spinner and the Tent”, the Greek myth “Arachne, The Spinner” and the tale “A Moça Tecelã”, by Marina Colassanti, all share this repertory.

February, 17th


11am | FAMINHA

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro promotes playful activities for children. It is an  invitation for families to come, to experience and to make art. Oriented by FAMA’s Chief Executive and the artist Raquel Fayad, the program includes artistic activities related to the exposed collection.

Raquel Fayad

Graduated in visual arts in 2008; Raquel examines love in her “Cartas de Amor”. Performs painting, drawing, creates videos and artistic installments exploring lines, recurrences, layers, chromatic chords, distinct materials, collaborative and collective projects. Spotlighting her presence in collective exhibitions like Novas Aquisições Gilberto Chateaubriand at MAM Rio (2014), Casa do Olhar Luis Sacilotto (2013, 2014 and 2015), Museo de Almeria in Spain (2012). Took part in artistic residencies in Nuraminis and San Sperate (NOARTE), in Sardegna (2015 and 2016), Fazenda Ipanema in Sorocaba’s MAC/FLONA (2015), Galeria Marta Traba in Latin America Memorial (2014). Thirteen of her artworks are in Coleção Gilberto Chateaubriand of MAM Rio and one in Fundação Marcos Amaro’s collection.

1pm | Circus Arts Workshop – Aerial silk

The workshop will be conducted by Katia Gil Circo Escola. The goal is to teach basic and elemental techniques in aerial silk, no experience required. Up to twenty children (7 year olds and older) will be admitted, in order of arrival.

Katia Gil Circo Escola

Katia Gil Circo Escola began in 2013, in order to offer an adequate place for circus art practice in Itu, São Paulo’s countryside. Being a circus artist and, then, a teacher, she worked in many places, but she felt the need of having her own spot, where she could develop distinct classes for her students. The school is currently settled in one of the sheds of Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (FAMA).

3pm | Guided Tour and Engraving Workshop: Sala Negra

Recently opened to the public, Sala Negra introduces the exhibit “O Tempo e a Gravura no Espaço”, with a clipping by Coleção Guida and José Mindlin Matrizes de Gravura, acquired recently by Fundação Marcos Amaro. The goal is to teach basic engraving techniques after the exhibition’s guided tour, which will explore the exposed artists careers, their historical background and influences on Brazilian art overall. The advisers Natália Bastos and Vicente Alves will conduct the tour and the workshop.