7 de December de 2018 Rafael Kamada

Eduardo Frota introduces original project in Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro
The artist was the second artist awarded by the occupation’s statute, introduced in November, 2017 by Fundação Marcos Amaro

Starting on September 1st, the artist Eduardo Frota exhibits at Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (FAMA), in Itu, “des/CONSTRUIR SOBRE RUÍNAS”, original artwork, specially conceived for one of the sheds of the inoperative Fábrica São Pedro, devoted to textile production. Built using debris, in interaction with the location’s architecture, this site-specific artwork suggests insights on the industrial system’s inconsistencies. The exhibition will be on display up to December, 1st.

Assembled at Galpão do Urubu, where the factory`s dry cleaner used to be, the artistic installment takes shape of a blue water surface, synthetically fed by a liquid that pours into the station’s old boiler chimney. The conducting tubes that once expelled vapor, used as power supply in the whole complex, now have its cycle inverted, being repurposed.

”A fundamental issue on water consumption initiates here: its abudance to a textile private industry and its shortage and embezzlement when is moving towards the population.  The policies that assure universal right regarding water access, usage, reuse, and its appropriate regress to nature are ultimately bypassed in order to comply with the concerns of few ones in the society”, states the artist.

At the exhibition room, the continuous display puts the visitor into an atmosphere where two different paces overlap. The liquid, once fundamental in textile production as is used in the dyeing industrial sheds, now returns to its source, hued by the ink that got carried during this procedure.

Eduardo Frota’s exhibition is the second awarded project by Fábrica São Pedro’s Occupation Statute, upheld by Fundação Marcos Amaro, aiming to instigate contemporary art production. The first one was accomplished this year, between April and July, headed by the artist Edith Derdyk.

The winner

Eduardo Frota is a visual artist from Ceará, state located in north-eastern region in Brazil. He was nominated for PIPA’s prize in 2010. He has been performing collective and solo exhibits throughout Brazil (Museu Oscar Niemeyer, XXC São Paulo’s Bienal Internacional among others), and abroad (Contemporary Brazilian Art, Lebanon and São Paulo – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, Italy), since 1977. He currently works as Art teacher.

Had attended Escolinha de Arte do Brasil’s (EAB-RJ) Arts in Education (CIAE) course. He has a degree in Artistic Education from Faculdades Integradas Bennet, and also had attended Escola de Artes Visuais (EAV-RJ). In the 1990’s, was co-founder and supervisor in visual arts center in Alpendre Casa de Arte, in Ceará. In 2001, was associated curator in 2nd Programa Rumos Visuais Itaú (that happened in Ceará, Piauí, Maranhão and Tocantins, Brazilian federal states).


Exhibition “des/CONSTRUIR  SOBRE RUÍNAS”, Eduardo Frota’s solo project.
Address: Rua Padre Bartolomeu Tadei, nº 9 | Vila São Francisco | Itu | São Paulo
From September 1st to December 1st, 2018
Wednesday to Sunday | 10am to 5pm
Free Admission