Cabana Frei Otto

Cabana Frei Otto
1 de October de 2018 Rafael Kamada

Rubens Espírito Santo and Atelier do Centro exhibit site-specific artwork at Fundação Marcos Amaro

The organic architecture concept, aligned with natural sciences theories, set the tone of the new project imagined by Rubens Espírito Santo (RES), and carried on with Atelier do Centro, an art collective composed by more than thirty artists. Starting on October 6th, the artistic installment, called “Cabana Frei Otto” occupies the old sheds at Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro, head office of Fundação Marcos Amaro, located in Itu, São Paulo’s countryside.

The site-specific artwork was produced by an multidisciplinary group of fifteen RES’s students, such as architects, electricians, accountants, art philosophy specialists, woodworkers and photographers. Collectively, in an intense and exhaustive work, the group members raised, in a short five-day period, a creation of great proportions, that is plastic, light and holds spiritual philosophy allusions.

The inspiration came from the German engineer and architect Frei Otto’s (1925-2015) legacy, an organic architecture pioneer. His projects emerged from the knowledge of  the Natural Sciences. In 1945, throughout the 2nd World War, Otto was taken to a concentration camp and started building cottages with the available materials, mostly limited and low-cost.

Inside Cabana de Itu, a series of artworks will be produced during the subsequent weeks following the exhibition’s opening. Concurrently, RES will lecture on Arts Philosophy and Image Theory, with the purpose of keeping his artistic installment alive.