ArtRio 2018

ArtRio 2018
27 de September de 2018 Rafael Kamada

ArtRio 2018

Between November 26th and 30th, Fundação Marcos Amaro joins 8th ArtRio in a institutional stand to showcase Marcos Amaro’s collection.

In the display, four drawings by the acclaimed artist Flávio de Carvalho, allowing the public the convenience of a clipping into one of the greatest Brazilian artists, well known by the polemic garment of “Experiência nº 3 – New Look”  (1956), that also will be exposed in the stand.

Acknowledged as a Modernist, Flávio de Carvalho departed away from academic rules and models established in art procedures. His goal was to provoke subjective reactions in the public.

Acquisition Award

During the workshop, Fundação Marcos Amaro and ArtRio promote the acquisition award, as a way to foster contemporary art. Ricardo Resende, exposition’s curator, picks the collective exhibition “AMIGO EAV 2018.2”, from Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in Rio, for the big prize. The artists Beatriz Milhazes, Carlito Carvalhosa, Janaína Tschäpe and Marcos Chaves are part of the multiple judging panel, appointed by Bernardo Mosqueira. All income in this collection’s sales will be addressed to EAV Parque Lage’s education program.

Meet the artists:

Beatriz Milhazes production is constituted by paintings, drawings, engravings and recently, also sculptures and artistic installments. Her work stems from modernism’s concepts and also references Baroque, decor, Brazilian’s carnival, popular art and art déco. For this collective exhibit, the artist exclusively developed Cumarú (2018), which refers to a Brazilian tree that can reach up to 98 feet high and is known by its distinctive scent and important medical characteristics of its fruit and seed.

Carlito Carvalhosa’s artwork dwells between paintings, engravings, sculptures and artistic installments, developed with motivation to create unexpected and strong experiences. Throughout the years, the artist evolved strategies to disrupt the public, creating new challenges and learning from singular experiences with strong visual appeal. Múltiplo para Parque Lage (2018) displays the shape of the artist fingers captured against the mold, that creates allusion to Escola de Artes Visuais’ small palace.

The artwork of Janaína Tschäpe revolves around paintings, watercolors, drawings, photographs, videos, artistic installments and sculptures that are surrealistic inspired. Blending diverse abstract and allegorical densities, the artist accomplishes formidable artworks, inspiring objects, which make the observer’s intuit its own collaborative author. The Dawn in Galapagos (2018) photograph was took in a expedition to Galapagos in 2013, portraying a creature that could expand the answer to Deleuze’s question, in the 1950s “what creature exist in these deserted islands?”

Marcos Chaves creates photographs, videos, objects and artistic installments that mirror ways to observe and contemplate everyday life in a singular manner – perceiving it in a critic but affectionate capture. His photographs are created when the artist walks on the city streets and catches unusual situations, molded by strange encounters that gain new sense. Academia (2018) is a register of EAV Parque Lage’s little palace while welcoming the same artist’s exhibit.