Letter from Fundação Marcos Amaro’s President

Letter from Fundação Marcos Amaro’s President
26 de June de 2018 Rafael Kamada

In the last few months we’ve filled important blanks in Fundação Marcos Amaro’s collection. From Baroque to Contemporary Art. From Aleijadinho to Tunga, from Almeida Júnior to Luiz Zerbini.

We have also acquired the property that housed Fábrica São Pedro, in the 19th century, one of the oldest weaving facilities in all São Paulo’s state.

Therefore, we shall move safely in our projects – statutes, artistic residency programs, and  collective workshops), especially in São Paulo’s countryside.

We’ve committed resources into infrastructure and housing, exhibitions rooms, offices, technical quarters and also the industrial complex recently named FAMA (Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro). Thus, we wish to become an important venue in Brazilian Arts History.

We’ trust in your support and visitation.

Marcos Amaro
President of Fundação Marcos Amaro