The three-dimensional in Marcos Amaro’s collection

The three-dimensional in Marcos Amaro’s collection
13 de June de 2018 Beatriz Sant'Ana

Fundação Marcos Amaro launches permanent exhibition in Itu

Curated by Ricardo Resende, the exposition assembles artworks from Adriana Varejão, Cildo Meireles, Iole de Freitas, Mestre Didi, Nelson Leimer and Nuno Ramos


A wide overview on Brazilian arts, including pieces from the most important artists. Following this motto, Fundação Marcos Amaro launches the permanent exhibition “O tridimensional na coleção Marcos Amaro: frente, fundo, em cima, embaixo, lados. Volume, forma e cor” in its headquarters, at Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro (FAMA), in Itu, starting on June, 23rd.

With Ricardo Resende’s curatorship, the exhibit prompts a clipping into the collection of the artist, collector and businessman that gives his name to the institution. The exposition assembles nearly fifty artworks, among paintings, sculptures, embossed images and artistic installments. Pieces from different generations and influences, from Baroque to Contemporary, also passing by the modernists.

”The exhibition displays a growing collection that spotlight sculptural works, of the three-dimensional artistic allegory.  Starting with an artwork from Aleijadinho, a Our Lady of Sorrows wood engraved sculpture, a dramatic and recast of Baroque Arts by Nuno Ramos, with a “salt column” raised into the exhibition’s area, that argues about materialism and urgency, shaping objects into pulsing ones, balanced between their transience and matter’s  continuity”, say Resende.

The permanent clipping marks the opening of Sala Almeida Júnior, FAMA’s venue that pays homage to the Itu born visual artist José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior, who lived between 1850 and 1899. The painter is perceived by critics as a pioneer in the use of common Brazilian folk in visual arts, featuring their tradition and colors, adopting local glow in his pieces, although still in an academic technique.

The exhibition expands itself beyond the location’s limits. The factory’s gardens will be overrun by monumental sculptures from Caciporé Torres, Emanoel Araújo, Gilberto Salvador, José Resende, José Spaniol, Marcos Amaro, Mário Cravo, Mestre Didi and Sérgio Romagnolo.


Fundação Marcos Amaro’s permanent exbition
Address: Rua Padre Bartolomeu Tadei, nº 9, Itu – SP
Opening on June 23rd, 11am.
Visiting: Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm
Free Admission