New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions
11 de May de 2018 Beatriz Sant'Ana

Fundação Marcos Amaro’s collection obtains renowned artworks in 2018’s SP-Arte

The 14th SP-Arte, São Paulo’s Festival Internacional de Arte started in April, 2018. As one of the most important events in global art market, it assembled, from April 11th to 15th, exhibitions from 131 galleries all around the world, and also museums and organizations in Pavilhão da Bienal, located in Parque Ibirapuera. During the extensive schedule, Fundação Marcos Amaro seized the opportunity to acquire relevant pieces from celebrated artists, for the institution’s collection.

Check out the acquisitions:

Nuno Ramos
sem título, 1987

The artwork “Sem Título (1987)”, by Nuno Ramos is part of a series of sculptures exhibited in Rio’s FUNARTE, which has made him the winner of the 1st Emile Eddé Visual Arts Scholarship. The series continues the discontinuity. His style always was marked by stalemates, pieces that can’t be resolved. The base material used is lime dust, referring to purity and inconsistency, resistant to any form of labeling. The acquired artwork has strong structuring, in which the dust gains verticality.

Nuno Ramos is a painter, sculptor, designer, set designer, essayist and video maker. The artist is well known for his criticism, seeking to encourage thinking through historical passages, defined by turning points in Brazilian art.

Nelson Leirner
Futebol, 2001

Questioning common people and politicians, regarding the current political context and also social problems faced by the postmodern society, Nelson Leirner created “Futebol (2001)”. With witticism and convincing criticism, the artist develops pieces with varied expressions, which take the public to insight on art’s role in the world. By using holy statues made of plaster, toys and other objects found in little shops, Nelson Leirner plays with the artistic assemblages and invites anyone who would like to take part in his artworks.

In this piece, by representing the playful sports spirit, he exposes saints, deities, gods from African-Brazilian cultural matrices, Mickey and Minnie in worship pose, a common habit in soccer matches. This scene refers to Brazil’s popular traditions in a remark on the globalized media and cultural appropriation.

Descala 4A , 2002
Cildo Meireles

The artwork “Descala 4A” (2012), is a quibble with the Italian word “scala”, that both means ladder and scale. The title compresses the artwork’s conceptual matters, its initial shape deconstruction and scale shift. The multimedia artist is acknowledged as one of the most important Brazilian artists, focusing on conceptual languages and the  annexation of non-artistic objects. His art aims to examine sensory characteristics in everyday life, non-artistic objects. His pieces don’t have scale hierarchy or material consistency.

Brígida Baltar
Venho do Mar, 2017

Bronze and silver coating is the elements of “Venho do Mar” (2017), by Brígida Baltar, winner in 2nd Marcos Amaro’s Art Prize. The feminine and the housewifely intimacy are her trademarks.