6 de April de 2018 Beatriz Sant'Ana

Arranque, from Edith Derdyk, assures an expedition into the past

Edith Derdyk travels to Auschwitz, in Poland, to recover her ancestor’s stories in the holocaust


Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro welcomes visitors for the artistic installment “Arranque”, by Edith Derdyk, for undefined period. Edith is the first selected artist in the Fundação Marcos Amaro’s Occupation Statute. In the exhibit, the artist travels to Poland, her ancestral country of origin, to seek for justice and a way to pay her ancestors homage. Exceeding Sala Rolim Amaro’s physical boundaries, she unveils humanity’s dark past in memories applied into the floor, the walls, in the sky and in the space’s emptiness.

Designing lines that sustain and levitate in their own weight and volume, Edith’s artworks create a pulling force between two or more dimensions, like the lines that breed an unstable spatial feeling, depending on the observer’s point of view. “ARRANQUE collides, in a structural way, with the issues that specifically emerge when I develop an in loco artistic installment”, explains the artist.

The artwork also unveils other spatial shapes, and such artistic installments always bring up ambiguous and simultaneous impressions between lightness and weight, weakness and strength, elegance and brutality, severity and suspension. These attraction and repulsion forces result in Edith’s artwork. Always adding and proposing different views in each imaginary situation.

Her artwork is full of techniques and mottos that approach weaving, contriving, to sustain and establish something like a “flying weaving”. The word “ARRANQUE” itself contains double entendre: draining, in a sense, and building something in other, examining that buoyancy between divergent and convergent drives. She sums the idea stating: “My artistic research, which seeks lines and its networks as a poetic nucleolus, use certain constructive procedures: repetition, collecting, cluttering, overlapping in order to build spatial flying weavings, seizing its extensions in time and space”.

Amid the materials used in her creations, the charcoal endures as a primary and essential energy source. Considering Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro’s location, “ARRANQUE” wants to enjoy the natural light that goes through the venue during the day, emphasizing the transition in shape, texture, size and intensity. Attributes arranged by light incidence changes in the artwork’s installment.

The winner

Edith Derdyk have been exhibiting since 1981, across Brazil, highlighting MAM, Pinacoteca, MASP, Paço Imperial and ITO, as well as abroad, in Mexico, France, Sweden, Germany, among others. She have won prizes and scholarships, such as The Rockefeller Foundation, ProAC, APCA, Bolsa Vitae and Fotografia Porto Seguro. She’s also the author of the book “Formas de pensar o desenho” and “Linhas de Horizonte”. She assembled “Disegno.Desenho.Desígnio” and “Entre ser um e ser mil: o objeto livro e suas poéticas”. Coordinates the Postgraduate Course “Caminhada como Método para Arte e Educação”. In 2017, she have earned the Doctora Honoris Causa title, from 17, Instituto de Estudios Criticos at Mexico City.