14 de November de 2017 Beatriz Sant'Ana


”However, the essence of youth and childhood’s dreams are the background of several pieces of art. Nevertheless, in order to be the essence of art, it needs to be transformed into a new object, through the channel used, not only the suggested anecdotal way.”

John Dewey, in Art as Experience

Smells, coffee and its grounds, teacups, flavors, paper, ink, words, wood rake, fire, noise, transparency, erasure and coffee powder are pieces of the exhibition “campoamor”. They’re the elements of the memories and experiences that are the substance that the artist Raquel Fayad brings to Fundação Marcos Amaro, at Rolim Amaro Exhibition Room.

The coffee, one of theses elements that shape the artwork, is the legendary plant that has its origins in the ancient Abissínia mountains, currently Etiópia. Where it was grown in Kafta’s province. Drinking and serving it became, throughout the years, a cultural gesture.

The coffee waste, that remnant that rests in the bottom of the cup, is the visual pictorial matter for the artist Raquel Fayad. An exercise of collecting napkins stained by this natural pigmentation ink, that while reacting in the paper, gets a sepia coloration. Memory and affection are the elements that integrate these drawings.

Is through artistic expression that external realities apprehended organize and another view of the world is born. It sharpens our perception and gives us another understanding on the things. Is by using intangible elements that the artist struggles to produce art and build new realities, not always perceptible in the first glance. To drink the coffee, is to cherish life, is to sweeten poetry, the inner intelligence and discipline.

A trivial gesture repetition in which Raquel Fayad works the writing, the paper lightweight, the transparency, the repetition of collecting coffee stained drawings, therefore, dealing with the ephemerality in a higher sensible reality through visual poetry and silence.

The exposition explores the noise made by coffee grounds being harrowed. Its a dry and long sound, that drags itself over and over, like something that is scraped from the Earth’s surface, its what is heard by entering the exhibition. Raquel Fayad invites the silence and critical thinking to the place where artistic expressions won’t reach, they only conduct. Silence is the place of knowledge, that happens when the expression transcends. The true artistic expression is made by the public by observing the artwork, said Le Breton.

Ricardo Resende


November 18th to March 16th, 2018
Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (FAMA)
Rua Padre Bartolomeu Tadei, 09 – Vila Sao Francisco, Itu – SP
Sala Rolim Amaro