Farnese – Unsettling Attractiveness

Farnese – Unsettling Attractiveness
4 de July de 2017 Rafael Kamada

Opening on July 4th, at 4:30pm, Salto’s local residents will get to know and enjoy artworks from the painter, sculptor, designer, engraver and visual artist Farnese de Andrade. The seven pieces of art that are part of Fundação Marcos Amaro’s collection will also inaugurate the new FMA’s exhibiting venue, in the Giuseppe Verdi room, at Salto’s city museum “Ettore Liberalesso”.

Farnese started to grow his reputation after his death, in 1996, with his disturbing artwork. Highlighting the artistic assemblages, which he uses objects thrown to the sea and later gathered by him on the beach. The art critic Olívio Tavares emphasizes the artist’s relation with religious vows, oratories and sculptures. “Once he cut a valuable Spanish Blessed Virgin image from the 17th century just because he wanted to use only its buttocks somewhere else”, tells him.

Farnese de Andrade’s path incorporates life and death themes, like fecundation, birth and continuity. For Olívio, the relevant and morbid artwork belongs in the “unsettling beauty” category.

Farnese de Andrade

Born in Minas Gerais in 1926 and deceased in Rio, in 1996, Farnese starts to create artworks with disposed materials in 1964. Those are gathered on the beaches and landfills, or acquired in antique shops, where he used to make his collages, artistic assemblages, oratories, troughs, former religious vows and old photographs. Chosen artist in 1970’s Salão Nacional de Arte Moderna, he won the prize while abroad, while living in Barcelona up to 1975.


Salto’s “Ettore Liberalesso” Museum
From July 4th to August 10th
Rua José Galvão, nº 104 – Centro | Salto
Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm