Things Without Dimensions Are Very Important

Things Without Dimensions Are Very Important
23 de May de 2017 Rafael Kamada

The exhibition displays 23 paintings and five artworks of huge dimensions – Interventions that took place at the dyeing sector of the old textile factory, the current headquarters of Fundação Marcos Amaro in Itu, São Paulo’s countryside.

At the exhibit, curated by Ricardo Resende, Adriana continues her dialogue about humanity’s place and the outputs and answers to the inquiries we are part of. The artist portrays the inner mazes where we wander before perceiving the way. The exhibit’s local, an extensive area that once represented the industrial progress in Brazil, is now transformed to welcome the proposed image debate.

For curator Ricardo Resende, Conti Melo’s paintings “show full growth and intimacy with colors that allow her to create unique perspectives”. At the main artwork room’s annex, the artist builds a three-dimensional image, like many of her other interventions, without paintings, using only lights.

The event’s name, like all her artwork, is taken from Manoel de Barros’ poetry. The exhibition will be displayed up to July, 21th and also will compose the traditional city’s Arts Festival. Visitation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11am to 5pm. Booking is also possible for other scheduling.