Um Presente Para Ciccillo

Um Presente Para Ciccillo
15 de May de 2017 Rafael Kamada

São Paulo’s Espaço Galeria SESI opens the exposition “Um presente pra Ciccillo”. Curated by Denise Mattar, the display is composed by some of the most important Brazilian artists, such as Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral, Alfredo Volpi, Victor Brecheret and Geraldo Barros. The admission is free and suitable for all ages.

The 48 artworks, among drawings, watercolors and engravings, are the same that formerly were part of an album specially assembled as a gift to Ciccillo Mattarazzo (Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho). Him and his wife, Yolanda Penteado, changed Brazilian art history. Together, they’ve created São Paulo’s Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM), São Paulo’s Biennial, the Teatro Brasileiro de Comédia and Cia Cinematográfica Vera Cruz.

The album features some of the Brazilian’s first modernism movement representatives, such as Grupo Santa Helena, Família Artística Paulista and Grupo dos 19, outlining Brazilian art history. Those specific dynamic, creative and very optimistic times are a sweet memento for elders and a great appeal to the younger ones, allowing a wide educational project.

The album was delivered on November 16th, 1953 by Oscar Pedroso d’Horta, during the 2nd Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, which decided to pay this homage making it a more intimate and gentle gesture.

Fundação Marcos Amaro gave this artwork set for exhibition at SESI-SP’s Espaço Galeria, aiming to promote culture to São Paulo’s countryside.