Farnese: a morbid lexic

Farnese: a morbid lexic
7 de December de 2016 Zwei Arts

Curated by Ana Luisa Lima, the exhibition exalt Farnese de Andrade artworks, providing a sensory-cognitive experiences to visitors

Fundação Marcos Amaro opens a second exhibit of its collection, ending that year by celebrating projects, partnerships and the diversity of its collection. This time, cherishing the painter, sculptor, designer, engraver and visual artist Farnese de Andrade. The artworks, recently acquired by FMA, will be displayed for the first time in São Paulo and will be available for visitation up to March 10th at FMA’s headquarters.

The exhibit’s curator, Ana Luísa Lima, highlights the sensory-cognitive experience that is implied in the artwork’s examination. According to her, some amounts of affection for the “Silêncio” and a little bit of enjoyment in “Morte” are needed, in order to decrypt Farnese de Andrade artworks. Collages, artistic assemblages and elements eroded by the sea, gathered on the beaches and landfills, are featured in his pieces, each grounded in its own linguistic territory.

This allurement for the vastness becomes present in the materials and mediums he uses in his artworks. Ana Luísa, the exhibit’s curator, evokes the multilingual word “Kalunga” to bring visitors close to the artworks. The word “Kalunga” also carries the same immensity ideas and designates at the same time: God, Death and the Sea. The yes and no of the living matter, life and death much closer to one another than in opposite directions.

The artist

Farnese de Andrade Neto (born in Araguari, Minas Gerais, in 1926 and deceased in Rio de Janeiro in 1996) was an important painter, sculptor, engraver, designer and visual artist. After working as a designer in several media areas, he started to attend Ateliê de Gravura of Rio’s Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM-RJ), where he refined his engraving techniques on metal. In 1964, begun creating pieces with materials gathered on beach shores. As support, he also used cabinets, oratories, troughs and items picked in used materials warehouses. He also worked with polyester resin and perishable materials.


Farnese – Um Léxico da Morte
Curator: Ana Luísa Lima
From December, 7th to February, 10th
Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm
Free Admission